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More than ten million Russians lack access to quality drinking water. In addition, more than half the world's water supply is contained in just nine countries, including the United States. As an athlete, I know the importance of drinking water to the body, but never recognized how purified water was so easily accessible to me. When I found out these statistics about the water quality in Russia, I wanted to be able to impact the lives of those who don’t have easy accessibility in a healthier and educational way. This got me interested into why the water quality was so low and I learned the effects of pollution and contamination to water sources. I want to begin my change in a community with the youth. Not only will this project lead to empowerment in the students, it will teach them how they can impact others and the world at a young age by taking small steps that lead to change.

The problem with the water begins from unsanitary runoff from populated places, which pollutes water sources for domestic use. Agriculture runoff consists of chemicals, fertilizers, and livestock waste; this toxic runoff creates large-scale fish kills and diminishes biodiversity. In 1995, the bacteria in the Moscow River caused an outbreak of cholera and other diseases. In addition, pollution of water increases desertification of agricultural lands where trees do not have sufficient water to grow. The large Siberian Forest plays a heavy role in the global carbon and water cycle, yet loses 16 million hectares annually with carbon pollution as a major contributing factor.

I learned how water linked various components of the environment and the importance of the role it plays in every aspect of our lives. In my project, I wish to go to a school in a city with much rainwater, and mild temperature(, for example: Pecora, Reboly, or Tuapse). The visits for the classrooms would last 1-2 days where the team would be able to educate the students about their daily actions and the impacts on the environment. One of the activities would consist of creating a “seed bomb”. This activity requires seeds, compost, water, air-dry clay, and a bowl which are accessible supplies that can be bought beforehand. When the students plant this at home, it would serve as a daily reminder to the students about their impact on their environment. Just by leaving unused devices plugged into an outlet, the United States had produced 8.7 billion pounds of carbon pollution, annually. By teaching the students and the school to take a simple step and unplug unused electrical cords, they would learn how to combat environmental issues together. An extra activity is the education of the importance of planting of new trees to add to the forest, or a place where many locals would be able to volunteer together. Through this project, I wish to make an impact in the environment and education of a community that would spread and create a lasting cycle of change.

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