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The following video details water conservation methods. In my area of California, a severe drought was experienced for several months due to high water consumption and weather. Water-saving is important for countries with big water footprints like United States, India, and Greece. In Egypt, desertification can be combated by tree planting and water saving. It is essential that we show proper care and utilization of the limited resource of water in all countries. Looking abroad allows for a global connection, elucidating the goal for water conservation worldwide. A volunteer project could integrate water conservation lessons into education at schools or local workshops. Through a mobile application or paper log, water conservation can be tracked by each student Collectively, soaking up knowledge of these practices can save our world water bottle. Do not drain water and energy away. How will you save our world's water bottle for someone else?

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Save the World Water Bottle with Marlon!
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Egypt Greece India

Marlon Washington.

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