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The environment is am issue that everyone should focus on regardless of who they are or what social status that person may have. This is especially true when maintaining and preserving precious resources that are used often and are extremely beneficial to mankind. In Spain,deforestation is an issue that continues to develop and is quickly effecting more and more people. Due to deforestation the land looses the rich nutrients and nourishment need in order to support vegetation and other plant life. In other words, the reduction of land that can be used to grow and produce crops to support the people of that country. Since poverty is a very prominent issue in Colombia, preventing deforestation and preserving the land could help to lower the amount of starvation in the city. Deforestation prevention is as easy as educating the public on the importance of maintaining the land and replanting trees from areas that were cleared. My impact project will consist of educating others and working alongside to not only better Colombia,but to better the world.

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Deforestation Prevention
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Licia Washington.

Gloucester, VA