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Since 2011, the number of refugees seeking asylum in countries such as Germany has only increased as conflict continues in Syria and the middle east, and although it so easy to be caught up in one’s own life, for many others the problem still goes on. Every month, thousands make the perilous journey enduring many hardships on their way, such as harsh weather, language barriers, and often having to say goodbye to loved ones

Unfortunately reaching their destination is not an end to their misfortune, as many children must then face the difficulty of adjusting to life far from home and in an unfamiliar and seemingly barren environment. through this many children are denied a significant portion of their childhood while living in safe but rudimentary provisions, and go about in a state of apathy and joylessness while in the camps for months on end, not receiving the regular happiness and play of childhood necessary for their psychological well being.

My plan for the AFS is to collect donations of toys, games, and books through a donation drive and distribute them amongst children in one of several refugee camps in Germany such as Tempelhof refugee camp in Berlin. Organizing a drive for donations and raising awareness through social media could provide many refugee children with the toys and games so integral to childhood, to stimulate a more healthy and joyful respite from the stress and heartache that comes from fleeing a terrible fate that may have awaited them in what was once their home.

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Project Title:
Childhood in a European Refugee Camp
Issue Area:
Human Rights & Cultural Understanding

Roman LaHaye.

San Antonio, TX