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One major problem the that I would love to resolve, even on the smallest scale, is to stop the ignorance to foreign cultures which leads to hate and violence and promoting tolerance and acceptance. This topic matter so much to me because I have seen people act intolerant to people of different cultures before my own eyes. My own friend, who was Muslim, came up to me one day and broke down crying saying that she was scared of how she would be treated for being Muslim, and I promised her that I would protect her if anyone was to ever hurt her in any way. It is my duty to make it a safer place for her, it is my duty to make it a safer place for everyone one step at a time. The first step to being united, is to understand; and the first step to understanding is learning. If we understand each other, there would be less hate crimes, wars, and bigotry; there would be more love and respect of one another. Yet, it is impossible goal to have the whole world to understand each other, but we will start small and work our way up the ladder.

I plan, for a volunteer project, to set up inter-cultural immersion meetings and programs where people of different backgrounds meet together and share and listen about different cultures and their own. There would also be programs at school where the people running the program would enlighten students about different cultures. I also plan to set up community language program where anyone no matter age or socio-economic background can come together and learn a language and culture together. This way, young minds can achieve cultural assimilation and later teach their kids about them spreading the awareness and of course, acceptance. I will fulfill my promise to my friend, my great friend, and I will protect her and as much other people as I can from harm. I will do this by spreading knowledge and if we all come together, we can punch ignorance and hate in the face.

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Project Title:
Understanding and Acceptance of Foreign Cultures: Bringing Worlds Together
Issue Area:
Human Rights & Cultural Understanding

Sean Roth.

East Greewich, RI