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    India is a nation with a very large population, (the second highest on the planet)  and with this comes many problems including but not limited to; sanitation, getting everyone to school, and human rights creating obstacles to have everyone on equal footing, safe and healthy. Many of these dilemmas can be solved by education even just in the basic form. With a basic form, many sanitation issues can be solved by having willing students clean up their streets of waste and to teach them the diseases that could come from it. Women are also quite often scrutinized for their looks by men in the country. My cousin who is currently in India is regularly “cat-called”  and disrespected by the men because she is a white woman with blond hair. I feel if Indian children were able to have a basic education through their school systems about poor and unhealthy conditions and “practices”, these children would be able to use their own will power to make changes that are necessary for a healthier way of life. This program needs to start with Lower Primary (ages 6-10). If this were to work, it would have to be a separate class within the schools and could add after school programs to the mix for volunteer projects such as cleaning up the roads and parks for upper primary through higher secondary. This program should be able to teach students how to respect others, especially man vs. woman and vice versa if such occurs, it should also include conservation projects that kids can volunteer for in their community. India should also stop their school expansion program as over 20,000 teachers in the state of Bihar alone were found to have forged their teaching documents. Instead of building new schools, they should expand their current ones and work more towards having a better teaching force rather than more (quality over quantity). If this program were to work I believe it should start off in rural parts of the country and slowly move towards the bigger city to make sure it works before being implemented nationwide, so they will not have to use huge amounts of money right off in the beginning until they know it works. The issue of education in countries around the world matters to me because it would greatly improve upon everyone's life and happiness. Many people suffer everyday because of lack of education, prejudice and cleanliness of themselves due to whatever issues that may arise in their lives.


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