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Silence can sometimes be the most powerful, yet deadly weapon that teenagers today find themselves confined within. The suffering of the eyes at the sights of the world, the stinging pain of the mind when isolation awakens, and a slight burn in the heart when all feels bleak and lost. For many, this is the reality, every day. In Ireland, suicide rates for teenagers are among the highest in Europe, especially for girls. The youth is whom we must save and inspire, and inspiration cannot be born without a desire to make change. That is where my project comes in: Creative Expressions. Creative Expressions is a program in which the organizers of the project would visit elementary and middle schools in order to foster self-expression through art and writing. I have chosen themes of art because personally, I have been at many parts of my life when I have felt that a blank piece of paper could be exactly what is needed to paint all of the overflowing emotions faced at the moment. I never quite realized how much of an impact simply writing or drawing could make until I realized the brightness it brought into my life and to others. Due to the feelings that can be released from writing and art activities, I have therefore chosen the themes of artistic expression to consider as an effective method in helping young children understand ways to self-express, a tool they may need for the future.

Everyday, students will be asked to journal and analyze quotes while being engaged in stimulating activities that teach them to express their emotions about various topics to themselves and to those around them. In addition, participants will be involved in various community projects such as writing letters to those in homeless shelters to use the art of expression for those around them. As simple as it may sound, I definitely see a long chain of impact on the students from this project as they find a path to follow when they may be stressed and all they may really need is just some time to sit by themselves and express, whether it be through talking or writing. By adding community activities we also instill values in children of helping the people around them and being good global citizens so that while they learn how to resolve conflicts within themselves, they also find ways of assisting others as well.

The youth of the world is the future, and it is crucial that we stand by them. As a member of the youth, I can understand that for many, this period of life can be much more excruciating than for others, and that a little support can go a long way. Creative Expressions is an outlook of hope and inspiration to a journey out of depression that lasts one through these crucial years and beyond, all the while helping the youth and community. Change is not easy, but it can be possible, one expression at a time.

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