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One issue that matters to me the most, is that the world is becoming such a dark place. There is so much animosity among nations, and it's so disappointing to see that this is what we have become. Countries have their nuclear weapons pointed at one another 24/7, our cultural differences blind us from befriending one another, and love and faith in humanity decrease with every passing moment. I think it would be amazing if somehow, us, as human beings could build up relationships across borders. To share our cultural differences and inevitably come to the realization that we're not so different after all. My project idea is this: People from around the world get a person to write a letter to. They could share pictures with one another, send packages with foreign foods, etc... The only requirement is to truly build a genuine relationship with the other person. Schools from around the world would start these pen-pal programs, and thus bring awareness to the younger generation, protecting them from sweeping generalizations about others. Kids are so prone to racism and generalizations from the media. If we could just build up this awareness, the future generation may be able to say, "Look, here is a boy from Islam. I have known him and talked to him for months now. Therefore, no, I do not believe this man when he says all Muslims are terrorists". It may sound crazy and overly simple, yet this is a problem I believe is crippling out nation as well as all of the humankind. Why can't children from around the world build up relationships? Language barriers are no longer a problem due to out unlimited knowledge from the internet. And even if the letter is unreadable, you can draw pictures, something, anything! We need to break down these unclear, false views on one another, as the road we are headed for currently, is that of World War III. So, yes, Let a child from North Korea write to a kid in South Korea. Let a child from Germany to write a letter to a child in Israel. In spite of terrorist attacks, past wars, and devastations, let us show the world that those things were simply an act of one man. The individual action of one misguided man does not define a nation, another individual, and especially not a child. In the end, we're all the same: So then why do we fight amongst ourselves? This project, will not necessarily bring nations together, but it will definitely impact individuals in tremendous ways. Therefore, this project is made in hopes to break down stereotypes, build genuine relationships, and allow people, children, to see that in spite of where one lives, what language one speaks, or what food one eats, in the end, they are not so different after all. Thank you.

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Pen pals across borders
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Chaeyeon Park.

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