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Growing up as a bourgeois public school student left me with an impression that everyone can attain an education, but that is not always the case. People in some countries must help their family by working to keep food on the table instead of thinking of an education, which must be incredibly challenging later on in their life. The environment one lives in completely changes the idea of education for that individual; between going to school every day and focusing on surviving one day at a time makes the opportunity for an academic achievement a distant dream. Poverty is a main concern which is difficult to change, but that should not mean that if one is living in poverty they cannot have an opportunity for an education. I believe with this project, Life With an Education, we can give people hope that they can live to higher standards and help their families through attaining an education. With vocational training or even a degree, better paying jobs can be achieved to support families to create a better future. The world needs more incentive to not only support their family to superior things, but to support themselves through education to a better life and that is where this project for AFS would be a perfect motivator. Every bit counts and that is why I think that volunteering to aid not only education, but to motivate positive outlook onto their society is imperative.

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Life With an Education
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Alexandra Behrens.

Tucson, AZ