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Growing up with a mother who had her opportunity to attend school be taken away from her at a young age makes me value my education. My mother came to the United States from El Salvador to get away from the violence in her country. Having only went to school up through the sixth grade, my mother made me realize that I am very fortunate to attend school for free despite my gender and social class. She has told me stories about her past, such as how at age eleven she walked house-to-house everyday to look for work to support her family. She told me how she wishes she had the chance to learn how to play the piano, read, write, and draw. Even though this was over forty years ago, it still exists in the world to this day.

We currently live in a world where children do not have the opportunity to get an education because of violence, poverty, or gender. Children come into this world having no control of how and where they live, and who they are, whether they are male or female. The reality that there are kids unable or forbidden to go to school where they can socialize, make friends, learn, and discover what they enjoy is unbelievable and heartbreaking to me. My appreciation for school and learning has motivated me to pursue a career in teaching because I want everyone to know how important school and education is.

School is a huge part of my life, not only because it is where I learn but it is where I made friends and discovered what I liked and who I am. In school I gained confidence in myself, I discovered I love photography, and how to play the guitar. My goal would be to have children gain confidence, express themselves, and discover who they are through education and extracurricular activities. The children will have the chance to express themselves the form of art, writing, or music and present it to their peers. It would be a talent show for the children and the goal is gain confidence and to know that they are talented and smart enough to be successful in life. Children have the opportunity to invite friends and family come watch them read aloud a poem, speech, story or any piece of writing, watch a play they wrote, play a song that’s important to them or they wrote, make a film, display their art, or show their talent. Along with the talent show children learn communication skills and learn how to work with their peers all while having fun. This talent show will give children the confidence they need to work hard not only in school but in life.

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Jasmine Chaudhuri.

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