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When my mother was 17, she was forced to drop out of high school to work so she could help her family. She was not able to get her high school diploma and because of that she struggles to this day to get the white-collar job she desires. There are over 250 million kids not being taught basic skills and I want to transform their life and be the one who builds their road to success. With my project, we as a country can change the lives of those suffering and who are disadvantaged. I will create mini lesson plans for children of all ages. I have started making lesson plans for kids ages 5-6, just teaching them the ABC’s, how to write numbers, etc. I might not be as intelligent as someone who has a major in education but I know my basic skills and it would be an honor to be able to share my knowledge to other kids. Along with the lesson plans, it would be a great income if we can do a 5K run or a bake sale and get funds so we can supply the kids with writing utensils. A couple years ago, my school has an FCCLA club(Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America), they made a thousand backpacks and sent them to kids worldwide. They could also help supply us with backpacks or any other items that could give the kids a great experience. I could easily talk to the leaders of the club and see if they would be willing to donate backpacks to us. I want the kids to have a great experience when learning because education is a blessing. Many kids in the U.S. take education for granted and they say “they hate school” but there are kids on the other side of the globe wishing they could have an education.

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Lesson Plans with the side of a 5K
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Karla Sanchez.

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