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Girls are strong and courageous human beings, yet their spirits and energy are pushed aside to silence all around the world. Many girls struggle to go to school and pursue their dreams, take care of themselves while on their period, and reach out to each other or for help. I would like to create an educational program that strives to teach reading and writing to girls of any and all ages. Focusing on improving their literacy, I would like to have classes in which girls learn to read and write in ways useful to their educational goals and everyday lives. In addition to the literacy lessons, I would like to have a mini workshop that focuses on proper care for girls while they are on their period in order to give them access to safe health care, as well as to de-stigmatize the menstrual process. In addition, I'd like to have another mini workshop that focuses on communication and reaching out for help from each other. I envision this workshop to be an empowering lesson to girls in underdeveloped countries to feel confident in finding comfort and helping each other. I'd like to encourage a safe space environment that begins a conversation to offer support and advocate for everyone's mental and emotional health. With this volunteer project, I hope to solve the issue of illiteracy among girls and women through reading and writing classes. Furthermore, I hope the two mini workshops pave the way in solving the issues around the stigma of a girl on her period and open the opportunity for an accepting environment in which girls can share their thoughts and experiences to better their own mental and emotional well-being, as well as give advice to others.

This issue is important to me because I believe that every girl should have the opportunity and the resources to achieve the dreams she has for herself. The fact that there is an unthinkable number of illiterate girls in this world saddens me because that is the loss of such great achievements and leadership. To me, it is important that girls get an education so that they can continue to build a life that they dream for themselves. Such an education is not limited simply to academics, and as a result, I have thought of two mini workshops that focus on health and mental well-being. These workshops will have an impact on girls because they will be able to combine their literacy skills to understand that being on their periods should not be something that stands in the way of their education, and to begin a safe and accepting conversation to ensure strong mental and emotional health.

Not only does educating girls help their own lives, but it also makes a tremendous impact on their families, country and the world. It is time to let the girls of the world use their spirits and courage to do remarkable things, however we must help them get there.

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Helping Girls Thrive
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Reina Nomura.

Hillsborough, CA