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There is a school in Haiti. It's called the Jubilee School. The children who attend the school range from first to sixth grade although, many of the sixth graders are teenagers and closer to high school age. The principle lives in a room on top of the building, which is approximately the size of two standard garages found in the typical American neighborhood. It’s the only school for miles around, and the town is on top of a dump. They have no clean water and many families feed their children dirt cookies. The students at the school probably get one good meal a day, the lunch at school. It’s not like there is a Walmart around the corner for them to get the supplies they need. This is one school, in one community, in one country. There are many that face the same problems: lack of school supplies and fuel in the form of food.

This school however, has the support of about 25 students from Cottonwood, Arizona. The Mingus Union High School Interact Club 'adopted' this school. I am the International Officer for the club and in the early part of last semester I worked with the school's contact here in the United states to get them some of the supplies they need. Our club collected a large duffel bag full of sharpies, folders, paper, pencils, plus 30 jars of Peanut Butter. Our contact made the supply run in November. They visited and delivered themselves. There are no post offices there. Interact Club is not primarily devoted to international activities so unfortunately that's the extent of our dealings with the school. The idea that sparked from this is what if there was a club completely devoted to international community service? This club, in high schools in the United States, would collaborate with schools in another country with a situation similar to that of the Jubilee School. Imagine the amount of peanut butter and school supplies that could be brought in with multiple clubs focused on that the entire school year round rather than only one month out of the school year. It'd be a kind of adoption program. And the pay off at the end is to go to that foreign school and deliver the supplies, experience the impact being made. Not just watching goods disappear into oblivion, making the connection. As an incentive, the one who brings in the most funds/supplies for the school in the club is the one that gets to make the supply run, to see it. They'd experience travel and the joy from making a difference at the same time. It could even be as simple as the entire club earning a food handler's license and making PB&J's en masse. The possibilities are endless! The biggest issue would be communication between each school. This issue could gain serious headway through this potential program.

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