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In today’s day and age, selecting a problem to solve is undeniable one of the hardest decisions to make, due to the many unfortunate issues that are in our world. However, the one problem I would like to solve in the world is to increase education of students in arts and technology or better yet STEAM. Many have heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) where STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) adds art to allow a creative side and shows that art is as important as the rest. For my volunteer project, I would pursue the interest of STEAM to students, and most importantly young women and girls. I would do this by creating an after school program at a local school. Dublin, Ireland, holds The Festival of Curiosity, a yearly international festival for science, art, design, and technology in July. This festival has newly innovative research and through participation and engagement it allows the audience, all ages, to learn about science, art, design and technology. Dublin, being the European Capital of Science in 2012, is incredible place to learn and share the importance of STEAM. My volunteer project would be to engage volunteers to learn and educate ourselves by attending The Festival of Curiosity in July in Dublin. With the knowledge learned from the Festival of Curiosity, my volunteers and I, will work with a local school where will be able to create an after school program about STEAM subjects. Through the program we will teach students, more importantly young women and girls, through STEAM projects and lessons. For example, a project can be simply making watercolor paintings with just food coloring, dish soap, and watercolor paper. It makes a wonderful art piece and science project in one.

Overall, if I had one problem to solve in the world, It would to educate students in STEAM. My project would be for volunteers to attend The Festival of Creativity in Dublin, which will allow us to learn about the newly innovative research of science, art, design, and technology. With the knowledge learned, my volunteers and I will start up a after school program at a local school. We would teach STEAM lessons and projects that will allow the students understand and learn about science/art based material in a fun interactive way. Being a senior in high school and going into the science field, this program would be an great impact. Through the past two years I have traveled to Texas and Costa Rica for the Girls Scouts volunteering in service projects from building monofilament fishing line containers to planting Mangrove trees to help reduce eroding shorelines. Being able to create my own volunteer program would be a great opportunity. I believe my experience with volunteering, I would be able to contribute to help solve this problem and for myself, with this project being put into place this will allow me to grow as a person and provide great opportunities to local schools and the community.

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Curiosity In STEAM
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Arts & Technology

Samantha Seeley.

Stockton, NJ