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“In the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey children have a hard time getting to school due to unsafe conditions. Turkey experiences harsh winters and summers. The ground becomes mud , is flooded or covered in snow during the winter and Turkey experience hot and dry summers. Many refugee camps are getting bigger by the day and with that many are starting to experience jumps in crime and prostitution. The growing garbage problem is causing worry about spread of cholera and numerous other disease. More than half of Syrian refugees are children and that number is growing.

In India many young girls face danger by just stepping outside their homes. Also the fact that India has the most dangerous public transportation in the world for women. If a girl has to walk a long distance to school or use other transportation systems to school that are unsafe it easily discouraged them from continuing their education.

My solution to making education access easier for these children in these conditions is a bus system. We can build buses from used pickup trucks and put benches in the back and a frame with an adjustable tarp to keep in heat or let heat out. Most likely NGO’s and UNHCR would be able to donate some if not all the materials we need. We set up “bus stops” throughout the camp proportionately and work out a schedule. Refugees or maybe even volunteers who are fit to drive the students home and back will be hired to drive these vehicles. These measures will eliminate the number of children becoming sick from walking in the cold or catching other illnesses and disease, eliminate the fear of being attacked or raped, make it easier for parents to let their children out to attend school, and overall encourage education. Its a simple and inexpensive way to keep these children from harm and to encourage them to continue their education. This maybe a small idea but it can create a huge and lasting change.”

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