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Egypt has a huge population, approximately around 88,500,00, meaning that there has to be enough room and space within the country. Since the country is 90% desert, most Egyptian cities are placed around the Nile river causing over crowded areas. Hunger and bad nutrition are also increased when cities are overcrowded.

To help fix over crowded cities, I propose to build more orphanages which will provide space and shelter to children without homes. There are nearly 200,000 street children without a home or caretakers. Aside from giving children a home and food, building more orphanages will also provide better chances for street children to find new caring families. New job opportunities are opened with more orphanages because workers will be needed. Also, 95.5% of the population is drinking improperly treated water, and by providing street children with clean water, the percentage will drop quite a bit.

A major problem that comes with over crowded cities is bad health and the malnutrition of Egyptians. In children under 5, 7% of them are underweight, which causes many children to either be put in hospitals, or die because of the lack of food. I propose that education on health and nutrition is taught in schools so children know how to keep their bodies healthy. I also think that food and clean water can be available to families in need, water filters can be installed near water sources which will bring down the percentage of dirty water being consumed. Overall, building orphanages will help provide shelter and guardians for orphaned street children, while installing water filters near water sources will help provide the population with clean water.

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Health & Nutrition in Egypt
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Hunger & Nutrition

Ashley McCracken.

Cottonwood, AZ