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Why don't people in Ireland speak Irish? Even though Irish Gaelic is recognized as the first official language of Ireland, English is more commonly used and only a small percentage of the population speaks Irish. Learning the language is even a required subject for all Irish students starting from a young age. But there is still a very limited number of people who speak Irish in Ireland. So the project for change that I would like to design and support is an interactive summer language program for kids. An interactive program can provide a better hands-on learning experience and even help encourage young kids to study and learn the language.

Exposing children to any foreign language at an early age can result in better linguistics, cognitive benefits, higher academic achievement, cultural enrichment and societal contributions. Many literacy skills can transfer across languages and when a child has developed early literacy skills it is easier to develop those same skills in another language by teaching rhymes, songs, playing word games, and sharing story books.

Teaching younger generations the importance of keeping their countries first language alive and how a language isn't only about communication, but how it's about the countries history and culture as well, can impact their outlook on the language and change the way they feel about learning the Irish language.

Bring the community and its younger generations together could help the Irish language be reborn. But learning a language for only a few hours a day at school is not enough for someone to master a new language. Which is why this project would also be a great way to reach out and connect with community volunteers such as teachers, parents, and grandparents as a way to help encourage their kids to not only learn the language during the school year but at home and during the summer as well.

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