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Ever since I was little, I have always loved nature. I am always begging my parents to come hiking with me, or to take my siblings and I on a camping trip. As I have grown older though, forests that I love have been cut down, in order to create room for new building developments. This is a problem. Animals are losing their homes, and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are rising. As our world faces the detrimental effects of global warming, action must be taken to preserve the ecology and wildlife that still exists. In Ireland, the Irish face the huge problem of deforestation as well. Frequently forests are being cut down- eventually resulting in arid, dry land. I believe though, that I can help make a difference. I would like to hike and camp my way through the forests and mountains of Ireland, and take pictures/film of the flora and fauna, and all other aspects of my experience. Specifically some interesting mountains I would like to photograph are; the Wicklow Mountains, Slieve Bloom mountains, Galtee Mountains, and the highest peak on Ireland called Carrauntoohil. After my trip, I would create and publish a video about the importance of preserving the natural environment in Ireland. Hopefully, this would help educate others to protect the world we live in.

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Preserving Nature- One Hike at a Time
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Madison Maguire.

North Kingstown, RI