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The perfect hair, the perfect clothes, the perfect social status are the basic thoughts an ordinary, American teenage girl has on her mind. These subjects seem overwhelming for a teenage girl to try to perfect every day, but do they ever come across a real struggle that their health and well-being relies on. Destitute and ignorant, teenage girls in Colombia are struggling to fight feminism and being able to get a proper education about their health. Due to these issues, my resolution would be to inform teenage Colombian girls about female hygiene and show them how to build a strong self-esteem. Young underprivileged girls need to be aware of how they can open doors to unimaginable opportunities that will benefit their futures and their personal health. That is why my project will involve educating a community of girls, ranging from the ages 12 to 19, on specific issues like proper female hygiene, their reproductive system, and leadership skills.

Many girls are unaware of the female body functions when they reach certain ages, therefore, they should know about their access to female toiletry or even contraceptives, to prevent pregnancies. A CNN article, reported by Kathleen Toner, ‘'Giving teen moms the tools to change their lives" states that ‘Girls [say] they don't understand how they got pregnant. They think it's from a kiss,’ (Catalina Escobar, founder of Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation). Clarifying the problem, girls need to sustain an abundance of knowledge on how to take care of their bodies and how sexual intercourse is a serious matter.

In addition, Colombian girls have a hard time standing up for themselves in certain situations. For instance; domestic violence, bullying, or even possessing the confidence to speak in front of a group of people. These young women need to know that their future doesn't always have the outcome as motherhood or becoming a wife. Therefore, the interaction between a group of young ladies that come from the same lifestyle will build their communication skills and ability to comprehend opinions of other. Developing an indestructible tenacity for these girls will result in greater leadership skills that they can incorporate in their community and emerge a powerful self-reliance.

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