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Being the 21st in the top 25 most illiterate countries in the world, Nepal has a literacy rate of 57.4%. So, by supplying the children of Nepal with books, and providing a learning environment to the people of Nepal, I will be able to provide a start to an expanded education. A book cart, filled with books for all ages, traveling to schools to reach out and provide them with more tools to expand their learning environment. Providing the children with more books will allow them to expand their creativity, and allow their brains to be filled with even more knowledge than ever before. Being able to read about anything and everything gives them the opportunity to allow their imagination to soar, and give them a place to escape to and fall in love with the world literature has to offer.

By doing this, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the world around me, along with being able to reach out to the places around the world who need it most. By being able to assist in the education of children around the world, I hope to be able to provide them with the ability to soar to greater heights, and have the opportunity to expand their mind with the great adventures stores inside the hard covers of books.

This idea is important to me because I believe all children deserve to have the equal opportunity to learn, and expand their imaginations and creativity as much as the rest of the world. All children deserve to have the opportunity to learn and grow, and it is of utmost importance to be able to play a part in this action.

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The Power of Literature
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Angelica Rodriguez.

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