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Refugees have flooded Europe in the past several years and quite frankly, countries do not know how to handle it. People have not adapted well to the new and growing population of refugees and the mixed cultures have been clashing—as evidence by rising numbers of hate crimes.

These people have fled their country in hope for a better life wherever they can get it, even if that means braving the dangerous Mediterranean waters. Once settled refugees are subject to persecution, humiliation, and violence from their own neighbors. No one deserves this and basic human empathy calls for a response, some way to stop the hatred.

The best way to solve this problem is through education on multiculturalism.

The plan could involve either an in-school or out-of-school education program. Either a summer program, or afterschool program would suffice for the out-of-school option. The program would aim to educate children of refugees and previous resident’s children on many topics such as: history of the relationship between the country and the country the refugees come from, history of both countries independently, and age-appropriate discussion of the situation that drove the migrants to their country.

The in-school option would require meetings with teachers on how to approach the topic, especially with history teachers. Several NGOs are designed to train teachers in anti-racism and anti-xenophobic education, and any of these operatives would be extremely useful. Through discussion, classes could be framed around putting the refugee’s countries in a realistic and positive light, as well including incorporation of the aforementioned topics.

My solution would require a town of any size that recently has acquired a considerable refugee population. Then the planning of either the in-school or out-of-school options—preferably the in-school choice. Any NGO that could help would be fantastic in aiding the education or program, but is not altogether necessary.

The education program listed above or any combination of the ideas would help the refugees. They are hurting. The life they had before was destroyed, the refugee camps are not exactly known for their good conditions, and many face this alone or without much of a family because of death or separation. And once arrived, they face discrimination and persecution.

Incorporating anti-racism and anti-xenophobia measures like what is mentioned above would not only educate a generation but prevent hatred for years to come, giving a better life to refugees. The people as a whole could face the changing nature of their country confidently and with a deep knowledge of what refugees have faced and are facing, making harmony more reachable. Countries as a whole are only aided when their people are aware and educated, and people are more capable of helping others when educated. This program would help the refugees and the country through education on multiculturalism and basic human understanding.

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