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Many people across the globe are coming of an age where they are societally obligated to earn a living and get a job. Unfortunately in Ireland’s case, this isn’t as easy to get across to a portion of the population. Ireland’s unemployment rate was a whopping 36.5 percent of male youth (age 15-24) in 2012. Those numbers have steadily risen since 2007, even doubling from 15.4 percent in 2008 to 31.2 percent in 2009. My hope is to aid youth in finding jobs in areas of Ireland. My process is feasible through a two day summer program that I have carefully drawn out.

My hope is to find a couple of schools that are willing to let me invite their high school or university students and recent graduates to a two day program consisting of multiple educational opportunities. I came up with a few ideas that I am planning on bringing to life. On the first day, there would be education for students on preparation for an interview with a resume writing course. This could include the English teachers coming to help teach them how to offer a broad view of their potential to the interviewer in the most effective format. This would inform students on the importance of writing resumes so they can fully express themselves to increase their likelihood of getting the job.

Another activity that I would like to do on the first day is to arrange for some corporate professionals who are experienced interviewers to educate them about what to say during an interview. They would also offer advice on other preparatory factors for an interview. This would really help in increasing their chances of getting the job they want.

On the next day, I would like to have some activities regarding money management skills. There would be a bank associate to educate them on money management. Educating the students on how they spend their money would help them avoid spending money on things they don’t need and to invest in what really matters.

To wrap up everything, the event would have employers from jobs in the area come to the school and meet with potential future employees, like a career expo. Students would write resumes using previous skills learned on the first day and hand them to employers. I believe this would really help students find new jobs for the years ahead.

With all these skills combined, I believe that this two day event would really help students and recent graduates find new jobs. I’m hoping to do this with a couple of schools and help in any way I can to decrease the unemployment rate with the youth in Ireland. These students should have the opportunity to get the jobs they want. I’ve been planning this out since I found out about this study abroad program, so I’m hoping you can help me make this event happen.

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Youth Unemployment in Ireland
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Amon Green.

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