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As a Moroccan American, I have always been aware of the great educational system that I am blessed to have here in America compared to other countries. Ever since I was three, I was always in an American school system, and I know that Morocco and other countries do not have the same opportunities due to the prevalent corruption of the governments. Although students in the country build their knowledge with degrees upon degrees, they still don’t have the ability to get a job or gather enough money to leave the country to change their lives. These countries are abundant with natural resources; however, the corruption is what stalls the next generation’s capacity to do more. Instead of pushing the study in order to leave their country behind in all its corruption, they must first understand how to engage in their community in ways that can impact the older generation’s views with persuasion, commitment, and persistence through words.

This power that the younger generation has must be presented to them through the art of debate and courage to protest in many ways. Debating has shown me how powerful it can be through persuading someone through ethos, pathos, and logos. Protests may not always be violent and can be used consistently in small amounts. For example, posters, pamphlets, and certain writing techniques allow the younger generation to have an impact on what the world they live in.

I would like to come to the high school students’ classrooms and teach them the art of debating and protesting peacefully. Making the younger generation aware of the impact that they have will not only give their country more hope but also shift the country’s power of corruption that is prevalent now. Once the younger generation is aware, the power can only travel from one generation to the next, causing a butterfly effect.

To be more specific with my plan, I hope to teach how to write persuasive essays, differentiate between impactful and dull posters, to use certain words and their definitions for particular effect, and to present the examples of past history for their particular use. I wouldn’t do this through the normal presentations and merely teach the students. I hope to get them on their feet and get them out of their comfort zones and out of their paradigms to give speeches on subjects they are passionate about and eventually teach them how to peacefully debate and how to win or lose these debates.

I am willing to work hard in order to help students become more aware of the community around them and how to change what does not deem fit for their lives. The future is in their hands and debating for the majority is the answer.

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The Power of Debate
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