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A bilingual is a person who speaks two different languages fluently. Being bilingual is extremely beneficial, for example, there are job increases opportunities in a myriad of careers; you have higher academic achievements, better critical thinking, and flexibility of mind. Knowing two languages opens every door along the way.

In fact, not every student in public schools around Latin America have the privilege and opportunity to learn the English language, thus I have chosen Colombia. I would love to see young children and teenagers start learning a second language and becoming fluent English speakers. Learning English as a second language will have a great impact in their future. In addition, I would also like to contribute this project in Ireland, by teaching the Spanish language. Learning Spanish can help improve your vocabulary by familiarizing you with English words that have some Latin roots. Currently, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world with four hundred million speakers. Being bilingual makes you cultural diverse, intelligent, and as you age, your memory becomes sharper. English and Spanish are two highly essential languages, which I believe that everyone should know.

Then, I will instruct the students by implementing learning activities such as games, songs, interacting with each other in the new language, and encourage them the importance of being bilingual. When learning a foreign language it is best to start at a young age, and I want to be able to influence and have a positive effect on the children’s future. If you can speak English and Spanish, you can communicate with 80% of the people around the world. When it comes to learning a third or fourth language it becomes easier and faster to learn.

Lastly, as a bilingual person myself, being fluent in Spanish and English, I considered myself immensely fortunate for comprehending and speaking two of the top three most spoken languages around the world. Therefore, it is important to me that others have the advantage to learn and study a second language. Whether it is teaching English in Colombia or Spanish in Ireland, I will be truly satisfied that I will be able enlighten someone, because we all have the potential of expanding our knowledge and education.

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Being Bilingual
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Nina Ezquivel.

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