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I feel called to children in Africa. I do not know why, but that has been something that I have always been passionate for. Through the research that I have done, I have decided that my idea is to help Early Child Development in Kenya. There are schools in Kenya; however, they do not have the proper needs of a school. They lack clean water, playgrounds , toilets, etc.

Even though I feel like this is a plan that every person has, mine is simple. Go to Kenya and give them a school suitable for them to learn in. Give them books, art supplies, writing utensils, everything a school would need to teach children.

This project matters to me because I absolutely love children. I spend my time on the weekends teaching children. The children I work with are all excellent children and they know how to read; however a few years ago I went to Mexico over the summer on a missions trip. When I asked the children I was around how school was they told me that they did not have one. The children could write their names, but had trouble reading and writing more complicated words. So I decided to take my experiences from Mexico and combine it with my love for children in Africa.

I believe that this project would make a huge impact. I am basing this project off of one quote. “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” - Malala Yousafzai

If this quote is true then this school, with all the books, pens, and children in it, can change the world.

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Early Child Development In Kenya
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Arcadia Aragues.

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