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Hello, my name is Emme Moosher. I’m seventeen years old from McLean VA and I propose to implement an arts and music program for refugee children to enhance their educational skills and creative expression. I would like to teach the children to read music, play the recorder, and use crafts to understand complex subjects. Every American public school offered the recorder and there are excess instruments to be donated to this cause. I would like to create a drive in preparation for the project and encourage donations of used recorders or other easy to learn instruments. My goal is to provide students with the supplies and instruction for a much needed creative outlet, bringing the materials and curriculum to a refugee camp.

As I sit at home writing this proposal, I am conscious of how disconnected and helpless I feel from the current situation in Aleppo and the lives of Syrian refugees. I feel that these circumstances are dire and I am motivated to make a positive impact on children whose lives have been forever changed. Through the arts program I hope to make their lives as normal as possible and expand their opportunities. When I reflect on my developmental years as a child, arts were an everyday aspect. From simple crafts in kindergarten to ceramics in high school, art has been an outlet I always took for granted. Learning music was a core aspect in my education, and I have many fond memories of learning the recorder and playing in the middle school band. Although I am not currently a musician, I am confident that learning these skills were essential to my educational development and growth as a person. I grew up surrounded by opportunities and was able to express myself through arts and music and I believe that every child, especially those who are suffering as refugee children are, deserve these same beneficial experiences.

For many, art and music are an outlet for emotions and even distract from current struggles. Refugee children are desperately in need of expressive activities to keep them occupied and allow them to have a worry free childhood. Keeping kids busy in a positive, creative, and accepting environment is key to building confidence and motivation. Learning music keeps a child’s brain active and helps them develop skill sets they can apply to a variety of other subjects. Music has proven to accelerate language learning skills which will greatly impact the lives of refugee children, for they will assimilate much quicker into a new society. For children who are not given many opportunities, music can provide them with improved fine motor skills, sound discrimination, and a higher IQ. Visual arts assist children in their communication skills, writing skills, and comprehension of new concepts, and would be used alongside a standard curriculum. With art and music to accelerate their learning skills, refugee children will receive a well rounded education, an easier transition, and an essential expression of creativity.

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Artistic and Musical Expression for Refugee Children
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Greece Hungary

Emme Moosher.

McLean, VA