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Nepal contains the one of the highest illiteracy rates in all of Asia and is one of the most underdeveloped countries in South Asia. I believe that lack of education is one of the leading factors in today’s society in impoverished countries and I believe that my project will bring out the potential in young students. Having international experience, I feel that this problem touches me dearly. I have experienced lack of education in local areas in Spain as well as impoverished villages in China and I understand the devastating effects of it on the future of bright young children. I plan to tackle the problem in an area with a relatively new education program: Nepal.

What do I plan to do? My ideal volunteer project would work with local schools within the area to create a higher level and more connected education that would benefit both the students and the volunteers. Through various levels of cooperation, our group would go and teach children of isolated villages throughout the country on subjects such as math and science. Through these classes and teachings, the children will be able to use these skills in their real lives, whether it is business or architecture. As a final assessment, I hope to create four customized math or science projects that involve real world problems that the children face from day to day basis. This can vary from various calculations required of a business to understanding and proving known scientific theories. The children will be able to choose one of the four projects they are interested in. They would present these projects and their analysis to a board or a professor back in America using online interaction. Hopefully, through this program, I hope to create awareness and understanding for the importance of education in local areas of Nepal that do not have access to education.

The volunteers would benefit greatly from this project as well. Those who are volunteers will be able to understand a very hidden culture in today’s society. Nepal has a very vibrant culture and society that is slowly disappearing. As a westerner, I hope to understand this culture more deeply and spread awareness of the preservation of it as well. Although this project is temporary, I believe that it will create permanent effects through the community. We will have brighter, smarter children in the society using their skills to create a better world, as well as a more reflective, more culturally aware group of young people from America who will hope to seek the improvement of education through the world and continue to empower the youth.

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Nepal: Empowering the youth
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Samuel Huo.

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