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Education is very important to me and I have been fortunate in my life to attend an academically rigorous school. At my school, I study mainly math and science which are typically male dominated subjects. Simply because I was born in America, I have the same opportunities as the boys in my class, but not everyone in the world is as lucky as I am. In speaking to one of my mother's friends who has been to Kenya, it has come to my attention that girls in Kenya often stay home from school when they are menstruating because they do not have access to sanitary napkins or tampons. Twenty-five percent of the time, they are not able to go to school because of this. That means that they are only receiving seventy-five percent of the education that their male peers are receiving.

For my project I would like to work with school aged girls in Kenya and teach them how to make reusable sanitary napkins. This would allow these girls to receive a full education, which is what they are entitled to. By giving girls access to a full education, I am hoping that I can help change the statistic that only twenty-nine percent of formal wage earners in Kenya are female even though fifty percent of the entire population is female. I feel that girls who continue their education would not get married early and have children at such a young age. They would be able to achieve their academic aspirations and make a difference in the world around them.

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75% Is Not Enough
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Adriana Particka.

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