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One problem in the world that I would like to solve is the lack of menstruation and puberty awareness and lack of feminine products available in Kenya. It is true that this may be an uncomfortable topic for some people, but that is a reason why it is important to put time and energy into solving.

Kenya is known for having poor health education systems as the curriculum primarily focuses on biological changes and not psycho social changes. Also, in various regions in Kenya, women who are menstruating are viewed as polluted and have restrictions on the food they can eat. To solve these issues, I would like to implement a health curriculum that focuses on hygiene and psychosocial changes of puberty. The future of the world is in the hands of the kids being educated right now. There will be many benefits of this curriculum including: knowledge of health, hygiene, puberty, menstruation, the realities (not myths and hopefully the taboos will be debunked for the youth), and learn about the emotional and mental aspects of puberty and menstruation.

In Kenya, there is also limited access to feminine products, which is an unsanitary and dangerous dilemma for women’s health that could lead to dangerous negotiations for these products. Some adolescent girls are unable to negotiate safe sex practices, which increases their risks of STIs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies. Also, in Kenya, women have to miss an average of 4 days of school (20% of the school year) due to menstruation because they don’t have feminine products accessible. Therefore, I want to implement a legislation that requires schools to have feminine products available in schools.

Also, another problem is that menstruation can prevent women from work and school because of the pain that comes with it. This workshop can teach multiple ways of relieving pain including yoga, massage therapy (that they can do for others), reflexology pressure points, and certain exercises that will help ease their cramps and/ or PMS.

Lastly, because menstruation isn’t commonly talked about in the home and many girls are confused or embarrassed about menstruation, I want to implement a counselor in school or train nurses in which girls and women can be able to talk about any concerns that they may have in regards to puberty and development. We can host a seminar and invite mothers, teenagers, counselors, and nurses to come so that they can learn how to help girls emotionally and mentally.

This issue matters to me because it is an issue that connects all women of the world together: menstruation. The natural occurrence of menstruation shouldn’t affect women so much so that they must make poor decisions to survive the burden.

This project will have an impact because it can be a model or example for how to fix this issue in other countries. It will also display to women of third world countries, that menstruation doesn’t have to get in the way of one’s life.

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