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Hello! My name is Leslie Igbo and I am a sophomore in high school. Helping to stop hunger in Kenya would be a dream for me. Ever since I was young, saving people has always been a dream, so wanted to be a doctor. Now, in order to prepare to become one, I want to help feed the poor to avoid their pain and deaths, just as how caring for people in hospitals helps prevent those things.

I would take a team of dutiful volunteers to the poorest cities of Kenya, like Turkana and Sauri. There, we can help make school meals, find clean water, and provide aid and education on how to keep a healthy environment to grow multiple crops, like sugar cane, maize, plantains and beans.

The overall goal from this project is for the people in Kenya to be well feed during and after we leave the country. Also, the project will allow them to spread what they learned from us to other people in need.

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Project Title:
Stopping Hunger One Country at a Time
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Hunger & Nutrition

Leslie Igbo.

Bolingbrook, IL