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Growing up in a small town was hard, 90 percent of people who lived there were low income and about five out of ten of them could not participate in extracurricular activities. I seen a lot of families struggle with money, as well as my own. Up until I was about seven years old I took gymnastics I thought it was really fun, up until I had to cancel my membership, each month it costed about 150, dollars and my family just didn't have that kind of money.

Not long after my little sister was born. as she grew up she never got to participate in any activities like my gymnastics class or when I took ballet. My mother tried to find as many different kinds of activities for my sisters to do. So i understand many kids don't get the luxury to participate.

Last spring there was cheer tryouts so I tried out then at the end realized there was a 100 dollar entry fee and a 3,000 dollar outfit. If it's like this all around the world i'd do just about anything to change it.

my plan to change the amount of kids that get to do extracurriculars would be to inform people how many kids go without extra curricular activities stary a moderately sized campaign and just, like any other campaign hope for the best.

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the fall of extracurriculars and my plan to change it
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Arts & Technology
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ariel rayles.

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