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One problem in the world that i will love to solve is hunger. Many children and families suffer from starvation which leads to poor health which can cause chronic diseases and a problem in academic achievements. This matters to me beacause I'm raised in a family where most of the money goes to food. People work to feed themselves and their children and if there isn't money where will we get our food. My mom is from Guatemala and she talks about where she grew up which are the villages. People in the villages struggle to get good food they only eat chicken about twice of month if their lucky enough to have money and if they didn't,bread and coffee is what they'll eat. When there isn't good quality food that'll provide them the proper nutrients they have to drive into the city which is like an 8hr drive from the village to the city depending on which region you are. People out there don't even have the right food tools and don't even have kitchens they have to make their own out of stone, wood, and fire. Kids at a young age will have to work for their families to help feed them and provide for them. When i went to Guatemala there was this kid who maintains his chickens in order to sell them to the other people to make profit. This causes the lack of education which is also a issue. A volunteer project that could work is having food drives from all around the globe to help feed the poor and their poverty. We could also have a fundraiser that'll bring people to help us raise money enough to build proper kitchens in their community. Provide gardens for them and the right materials to build and grow their produce. Also to have people to help us raise enough for fertalizers to help achieve a successful garden.

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Better Nutrition
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Hunger & Nutrition
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Daisy Francisco.

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