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Hello my name is Alissa Fuelling and i want to help change world hunger. I’m gonna try, i hate watching people die from starvation.

My goal is to help families who are in need of food and help People understand what nutrition is, and how much is being wasted.

People don’t understand how much food is being wasted, food is being wasted by competitive eating and people who don’t finish their food and throw it away. Approximately 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste, 1.3 billion tons gets lost or wasted each year. People are throwing away tons of food while 842 million people struggle with hunger. They suffer from it day after day while other people are shoving it all in.

The thing that really upsets me is competitive eating, in competitive eating they pile food in their mouths and they cant throw it up if they do they are out. In the text of scholastics competitive eating article “ suddenly, a stream of food spews from his mouth. Thinking fast, he cups his hands, catching the vomit, and shoves it back in his mouth. He knows the rules: Puking means disqualification”. While People are piling down food for fun people are starving. They also win cash prizes, the article says “ Winners can also earn big bucks in sponsorship deals. World famous eater Takeru Kobayashi is reportedly worth a million dollars. While people are shoving food down and throwing it all up after they are getting payed, while people all over the world are starving and poor. Competitive eaters disappoint me because they waste so much food they glamorize and set a terrible example by eating large quantities of food.

Now just a little bit about nutrition.The importance of nutrition: It is so important to get the right nutrients in your body, if you don't get the right nutrition it can harm and damage your body, sometimes even permanent damage. Getting the right nutrients and the right amount of nutrients is essential for a healthy living condition.

The way i am helping end world hunger is helping with an organization called Feeding South Dakota. Feeding South Dakota is a food bank that collects and distributes food to hunger charities. Feeding south dakota is able to accept and distribute large donations of food.

There is also a organization my friends, Hannah Riker and Cassie Ehmann stared called Harvest of the month now i am helping with it. We go around to different schools and teach them about the importance of nutrition and have them try new healthy foods, they learn about different vegetables and what they do for you. This teaches them about the importance of nutrition and what it does for their body.

That is how i am helping with world hunger i am with different organizations that teach children the importance of nutrition and that help and feed families. This is all about helping feed families in need and ending world hunger because of what it does to families around the World.

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The Importance of Nutrition: Ending World Hunger
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Alissa Fuelling.

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