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Most people in educated countries take education for granted, but it has far-reaching consequences in developing countries. One educated child in a poor family can have a huge impact in diverse areas through simple things. The one problem in this world that I would like to solve is illiteracy and low education. I will design an excursion project in which me and my folks will go to one of the less educated/developed country of our choice and educated the natives in that place with care.

This issue matters to me so much because I feel like only the rich and the educated ones have the chance to move forward and be successful in life. This should change and that’s why I am really willing to do a project like this. It is really astonishing to know about 100s of people that don’t even know how to read at the age of 30. As I said before, this should change!

My project will make a great impact on the people in that place and they will be nourished with education. This voluntary opportunity will also be a fun experience for us; after all we are in a new country. It will be a life changing experience for them as well as us since both the groups are LEARNING. As a matter of fact I hope I will be able to head to a different country and change many lives.

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Illiteracy and lack of education
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Arts & Technology
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Thimothy Tose.

Missouri City, TX