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We have been told throughout our life that knowledge is the key to success and a brighter future. However, there are still third world counties with huge populations of students, such as India, that aren’t given a chance towards a reliable and efficient, education system. This issue is very important due to the fact that as these children head towards the real world, there isn’t as much guidance towards the right path to riches. Many children and teenagers have faced many obstacles in life due to their lack of knowledge and ability of accessing information. As well there are many other factors that contribute towards this issue such as lack of technological advancements, discrimination among genders, as well as expensive education fees.

There are over one hundred million children in the Indian population, in which a fifth of that number attend school. India’s educational system is very bland in which it is consisted of cramming down facts and information rather than analyzing and interpreting what is being said. A solution to this problem might be reversing what is being done and trying to challenge students with vigorously difficult questions. As well students should be put to the test with Common Core leveled questions, in which it applies concepts of higher-ordered comprehending and thinking skills.

Indian society suffers from discrimination so there are many barriers in education of unprivileged sections of society like women. Women throughout generations have been treated unfairly to their gender rather than their attributes to society. As well many families have also suffered due to economic growth, and can’t provide for their children’s education. This leaves many people in a tough stop in which children start to work at very young ages and become adapted to providing for their families rather than moving past this phase. One solution to this problem, is by obtaining technology, such as computers and tablets towards schools and students for them to access to the internet. As well we all as an organization can send donations for families who are suffering deeply and are barely surviving to improve society.

The Indian society needs to make dramatic changes towards their education system for their economy to grow. With my suggestions and advice, education will truly provide a key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and ultimately succeed fully in life. Education is very important, and no one should be deprived of it.

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