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Women throughout the years have always fought for the right to be educated. They have gone out of their way to fight for education. This right meant so much to them that women were willing to get arrested, insulted, and even die to earn education. Education is one of the many privileges an everyday human takes for a granted. Many consider school to be boring and some even decides to drop out, thinking it's unimportant and a waste of time.

On October 2015, Nepal elected Bidhya Devi Bhandari, their first female president. Although this is creating a new gateway for females to achieve dreams they never thought would be possible, this still isn't enough. Today, women are still trying to fight for the right to be educated. In Nepal, only 53.1% of females over the age of fifteen don't know how to read or/and write. In order to better this situation, programs can be organized to help educate young women. If possible, necessities can be available in order to help with the process of learning, such as: books, utilities, and computers. If the necessities are provided and the programs are created, women might be intrigued to learn how to read or write. In addition, books that help with writing and reading can be passed out to women to help them practice at home. Volunteers can be there to aid the women through it all and activities can be constructed to make the process of learning more fun. Volunteers can provide help and assistance during the activities. By doing these projects, it can help better the lives of women in Nepal. Being better educated can help with getting jobs and help provide for their family.

Ultimately to help increase the percentage of women knowing how to read or write in Nepal, commodities such as creating programs and activities will be a great way help educate. In general, women should be better educated to help with their futures and lives.

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