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Arbi Abrahamian

Humanities, Block 2

Mr. and Mrs. Davis

November 16, 2016

In the country of Egypt the population is 88,487,396 people but 95.5% of them are drinking improperly treated water. The volunteering program I have thought about creating is to reach out to different countries and ask them to donate Water purifying equipment so we can make the improperly treated water cleaner, and we can show them how to work it and how to fix it when it breaks down. If they don’t donate it to us then we would run a fund raiser to gain enough money to buy the equipment we need. Then we would go to the Egyptian government to conform on building the machines to purify and clean the water. This will benefit our volunteer program because it’ll help us accomplish the goal we have set for the program, and for more business to realize the problems people are going through in the world. This will benefit Egypt a lot because they will be able to use the water from the Nile River to have cleaner water to drink and to use for most of their things. The Nile River is polluted by all the trash that people throw in there and the military last year spilled 500 tons of phosphate, so it’s best to keep the waters clean or create and use something to purify the water, and most of the wild life and the natural life is getting affected by all the pollution.

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Water Projects for Egypt
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Hunger & Nutrition

Arbi Abrahamian.

Glendale, CA