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Colombia is a country rich in culture, but has one major problem: deforestation. Deforestation greatly affects our planet, and makes a big impact on Colombia as well. Decrease in forests greatly make a negative impact on the environment. Global warming is one issue that tends to rise when deforestation is concerned. Another issue is that animals native to the forest won’t have a home. This plays a big role when it comes to species going extinct. If the forests are getting cut down, then animals will have no place to live. In Colombia, approximately 1,200 square feet of forest get cut down each year. This makes a big difference since about sixty- one percent of Colombia’s land is taken up by forests.

Planting trees to make up for the ones being cut down would be an ideal solution to the deforestation problem. I would start by creating a non-profit organization. A smart way to market the organization would be to promote it on social media. This way, others will be able to find out about it easily, and it would cost nothing. More people are on social media now than ever before, so it’ll be easy to spread the word. The organization would get Colombian celebrities, like Shakira and Sofia Vergara, to post about the organization. This would cost money, but would immensely help the cause. The posts on social media would educate others on the amounts of trees cut down each year in Colombia. Educating others will help them understand the cause and make them want to help. The social media account would also provide a link to a website where supporters could donate. Each year, the organization would take the money raised and use it to plant trees in Colombia. We would sent volunteers to Colombia, or have members of the organization that are already in Colombia plant the trees. It will take many years and many trees, but together, we can fix our planet.

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Resolving Colombian Deforestation
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Juliet Saakian.

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