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The world today faces a wide range of issues; one of which is the lack of environmental sustainability. People living in Kenya struggle because of this problem. Water pollution, the wearing away of soil, and shortage of resources all contribute to Kenya’s poverty rate increasing. This issue matters to me, because Kenyans are suffering from not having enough food and water due to agricultural challenges. In order to help sustainability thrive in countries around the world, such as Kenya, I would do research to educate farmers on new techniques they could use on infertile land, protect Kenya’s forests, and develop ways to obtain clean water.

Kenya’s land is mostly barren, and its farmers are unable to cultivate crops. Water pollution and soil decay also prevent growers from producing foods. This problem can be resolved with my volunteer project, since I want to help educate these farmers to find better methods of increasing crop growth. I would do some research on this topic, and identify a variety of approaches in order to aid workers. I will also determine how to cause a decrease in water pollution and educate Kenyans on ways to keep water clean, in order to have a prosperous growth of food. By gathering a group of people my age, we would teach farmers how to stop contamination of water due to pesticides and work around soil erosion.

Another issue regarding environmental sustainability in countries like Kenya is deforestation, which is the process of clearing forests. Kenya relies on it natural resources to keep its people alive. However, due to the government’s desire to create plantations by cutting down forests, Kenya is facing a decrease of natural resources. In order to make Kenya’s environment sustainable, my project will try to preserve the Kakamega rainforest. This could be done by organizing a group to plant seeds that would grow into trees, and by aiding with the regulation of new policies that would limit forest degradation. People like the Kenyans will be able to acquire their natural resources with the help of my project.

Finally, some countries like Kenya have a tremendous issue of clean water shortage. Because of global warming causing droughts, these countries scarce drinking water. My project would get funding for digging deeper wells and obtaining more efficient water pumps (including solar-powered ones). I will receive this funding by starting a GoFundMe page for Kenyans. I hope that my efforts toward this project positively impact countries facing sustainability issues.

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