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Day of Play with a Healthy Entrée

My vision to help change the world will start off with something that really matters, childhood obesity and or starving children. All over the world including America, families go hungry and don't have the resources necessary to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. When children grow up like this, they are more likely make poor choices in the food they eat and become overweight in adolescent years to adulthood. My project idea is having a day or week completely dedicated to learning on how to make healthy choices and coming up with a meal plan for each day. Anyone in need is welcome and there would be classes for the kids and classes for the adults to help establish a better way of living. The second part of the class would be physical activity. Everyone would go outside and we would play games whether it would be getting to know each other or games of soccer or baseball. The adults can help out and they will get to see their kid(s) happy and active. No child will be unhappy and everyone will have a good time. My project idea is designed to help everyone of all different age groups and to help design a better future for generations to come. That is my plan. Thank you

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Project Title:
Day of Play with a Healthy Entrée
Issue Area:
Hunger & Nutrition
Colombia India Nepal

Dymond Watts.

Fort Lee, VA