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One problem I would change in the world is the death rate of children ages 2-16 and adults ages of 25-37 and 40-50. With India's death rate being 7.4 per 1000 people and kenya’s being 7 per 1000 people. Although, it is lower in some cases, in other countries one of the most leading causes of death is from lack of food and clean water but also from not being nourished with what they are needed. The volunteer project I would have to help solve this problem it is to start fundraising and put money together to start funding. With the least amount of money being in the range of $75,000. Using that money to go to helping by food to give to people in need, buying clothes and shoes, to hospital bills so they can get the correct care they need, and to building them housing for a better lifestyle. As going through the process of getting money raised, finding a group of volunteers to go over with to help with building houses or with anything else that is needed. After with doing what we can to make their life healthier, the mission is complete and can go back home.

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Project Title:
Malnourishment Within Children
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Hunger & Nutrition
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Courtney Six.

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